Millersville Elementary School


  • Teachers use standards and data to drive authentic, differentiated instructional opportunities that are challenging and enriching.
  • Students receive high quality instruction and feedback based upon their unique learning styles which will challenge them to reach their full potential.
  • Research-based instruction, critical thinking, and real-life experiences are valued within the learning environment in order to engage active learning in all students.

Collaborative Culture:

  • Maintain a culture of collaboration and cooperation by focusing on what is best for students through diversity of thought and purposeful communication among all stakeholders.
  • Build a learning environment involving students, parents, administration, teachers, and stakeholders provides opportunities for student success, character development, and allows students to actively contribute to and become leaders in their school and community.
  • All stakeholders are involved in creating a safe, positive environment, both at school and at home, where students can learn and be motivated to grow and thrive.


  • There is a commitment to building and growing leaders at all levels by modeling transparency and collaboration with improved student learning as the focus.
  • Leaders set high expectations and are strategic in making decisions based upon the examination and analysis of data; they hold themselves and others accountable for results.
  • Leaders understand, communicate, and model the vision to all stakeholders and lead stakeholders in goal setting and collaboration to improve student learning.


  • Recruiting, developing, and retaining exemplary teachers and staff remain pivotal for student learning and growth.
  • Providing opportunities for relevant, research-based, professional development and PLC opportunities strengthen teacher effectiveness, and ultimately, student success.
  • There is equal access to the use of facilities, materials, and technology for instruction with an emphasis on community and business resources being acquired and aligned to support student needs.

School Vision:

The Millersville Elementary School faculty, staff, and community will work collaboratively, using effective resources and leadership, to provide quality instruction producing high achieving, life-long learners.

School Mission:

Millersville Elementary School’s mission is to provide all students with a rigorous and enriching education through strong instruction; by a staff of leaders who believe every child can meet high expectations within a safe, supportive, and motivating environment; with the available resources, help, cooperation, and commitment of parents, community members, as well as the students themselves.